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Mr cucú was born in Gonnet (La Plata, Argentina) in 2012 by a group of musicians and friends who thought funky music the best of all. The members of the band had played together in other bands such as Themis ( Tomás Randrup and Joaquín Irigoyen) and Madre hasta el fin de los días ( Joaquín Irigoyen, Facundo Irigoiti and Juan Otero).\r\nThe band composed the basics of \\"Cambiar los Canales\\" during February and March of 2012. The EP gathers influences such as RHCP, Daft Punk, Gustavo Cerati, among others. Counting with an eclectic team, the band managed to create a bumpy and melodious kind of funk; disruptive songs, pop choruses, colourful rhitmics,etc.?After a home made Ep the band decided to make their way through ION Studios. With Hernán Grasso as technician, the band archieved not only a fresh but also trampling, rumbling pace.